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Monday, 26 November 2012

Steamboat @ Punggol

An impromptu steamboat & mahjong session organized by Fiona at her Punggol Place

Me with my colorful Marc By Marc Jacob tote & Cotton On Recycle bag cos I took some frozen stuffs from office & home. Look so Obasan lah! haha

Myself, Janice & Angeline was there early to help Fiona with the preparation

Janice bought some stuffs from Tiong Bahru Bakery

Sauces for steamboat. Super love the Blachan Chilli that I brought along. Sesame dip above also super nice! Thanks to my cousin, Trixie who introduce it to us last year!

Prawns, Mussels, Crab meat, Cockles, CP Shrimp Wonton & Top shell which I prepared

Other food stuffs we had!

heehee... I also brought a bottle of Martini from home & bought some pre-mix mixer from Cold Storage

2 Hotpots ... ... Tom Yum for us girls; Chicken for the young kids & the men

Ready to attack! 

The young girls - Ji Eun, Tong Tong & Ji Hye. Davion MIA! haha

US =)

~~Cheers for 4 years of friendship~~

Dessert .. Sam bought ice-cream & Angeline made Kueh Kosui

Post-Birthday celebration for Angeline cos we forgot to sing her Birthday song during the celebration the other day at Antoniette. Too bad Wendy is in Taiwan, else will do a post-birthday celebration for her as well

Fiona's new mahjong table! Thanks to Drexler for "squeezing" it into his Honda Airwave! 

While we were playing mahjong, the girls came out & says they're hungry. After eating, they started dancing, From the blur blur photos, can you figure out what dance? 

Bingo! It's Oppa Gangnum Style! hahaha

We were hungry too, so Fiona cooked mee-suah for us... .. but look at how she placed the bowls? faint! 

We continued playing after supper & yes, from the look of Drexler & my crumpled face, can tell who is the loser of the night already. 

We had so much fun gossiping, steamboat-ing, mahjong-ing & drinking! 

Thanks Fiona for hosting & all the girls for helping to buy stuffs over!

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