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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Diwali Visiting

Diwali (Deepavali) is a time for me to go Kogu & Jenny's house for visiting like I mentioned on my previous post. At the same time, as a family friend, I also go to few of their relative's house for visiting. This year I skipped his mum's house cos by the time I finish work, they he left his mum's place already. 

Here'e Keeren wishing everyone Happy Diwali =)

First stop; Kumunan's house. Ths is quite a unique Indian house cos the decor is very Chinese. 

Second stop; Aunty Sue's house, which happens to be just above Kumunan's. This is her super obedient & well behaved Golden Retriever - Sandee. We didn't dine here cos Kumunan's mum already prepared food for us, so we just sit around and chat for a while before heading back down to Kumunan's for late lunch.

Back at Kumunan'shouse for late lunch

We then proceed to bring some food over to one of the the fish farm at Lim Chu Kang. That's where Kogu will gets his Sheng Yu daily. One the way there, we met with a little accident. One mini lorry suddenly stop at  the T-junction & started reversing. Kogu already horn at him, but the driver continues to reverse & bang onto Kogu's car! Damn.. my heart almost drop out cos I'm siting at front seat! Kogu went to reason out with the driver & drove off after taking some pictures to claim insurance from the other party. He then calle dthe insurance company to make a report. 

Back at Kogu's place, Keeren was happily drawing & playing with myself & 2 of Jenny's colleagues. 

Round 2 - Kogu tabao-ed food from his mum's place

And what else is new? Mahjong after dinner lah.. 1 of Jenny's colleague is very new in mahjong, so we only play 20ct-40ct! She is so slow & makes lots of funny mistakes till we were all stressed up! after 3 rounds, my overall wining is only $5

Before I head home, Jenny tabao-ed for me 2 tubs of her MIL's homemade Murukku, and some sambal chicken & mutton curry for sis & BIL

And I also picked up my Isoyaki Scallop that Jenny's brother help me buy from Aji Ichan at Hong Kong airport~ 

Yipee.. with all the goodies, I'm a happy girl for now~~ 

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