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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Chums - A Place Like Home

Our Executive Director was here at our facility today & he brought a few of us (My boss, Distribution Manager, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Senior Supervisor, Logistics Manager from KFC/PH & Myself) out for lunch at Chums

Chums, located along Bukit Timah Road is a casual restaurant that offers a variety of favorite dishes from head chef David Ang, who returns to Singapore after cooking in private kitchens abroad for the past 18 years (including for former US president George W Bush and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich).

For 7 of us, our ED ordered 2x Salad to or a start; 2x Fish & Chips, A Full Slab of Ribs & 2x Beer Chicken (or rather, Beer Butt Chicken in the US). Haha.. yes, your eyes are not playing trick on you. It's Beer Butt Chicken! So why is the dish called Beer Chicken & what's so special about this dish?

Beer Chicken (Beer Butt Chicken) served with special Red Wine Sauce

Can you see what's sticking at the butt??

haha... yes! it's a can of Tiger Beer!

The can of beer is supposed to keep the chicken moist while it gets roasted in the oven. The Chicken is so tender & well roasted I think I can eat the whole chicken on my own! It doesn't really have the beer taste & it goes perfectly with the special red wine sauce. 

But what do you with the can of beer? Well, you can drink it if you dun mind having oily beer.. 

One point to note: This dish is only available for dinner, but the guys at Chums will be willing to get it done for you during lunch, upon request. Do allow 30mins of preparation time thou =)

For those who are keen to try the Beer Chicken (Beer Butt Chicken), here's where you can find them: 

Chums | A Place Like Home
Royal Ville 833 Bukit Timah Road #01-06
Singapore 279887
t: (65) 6467 1939

Opening Hours
Monday and Tuesday: 9am-5pm
Wednesday to Sunday: 9am-10pm

**I didn't take pictures of the restaurant & the other food we had in case the Managers call me "Suaku"! 

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