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Monday, 26 November 2012

Chiso Zanmai & Movie

CCSS-ians meet for dinner at Chisozanmai @ The Central last Friday. 

I suggested this place after seeing Eeling's blog about on her Birthday celebration & didn't realized that this place used to be Fishermen Market. Luckily the food selection & quality is better, price is also more reasonable compared to the previous Fishermen Market. 

We were initially shown to a table at a corner, but we requested for a change of table cos the area was way too dim. Service was quite good (initially) I would say.

Above are the food selections available

Hee.. the stuffs I had for my dinner

Everything was up to our expectations till Anthony asked the staff to clear away this plate of Salmon with blood on it. The staff brought this plate of sashimi to the manager on duty. 

The manager on duty spoke to Anthony, saying that there is a wastage charge for sashimi & insisted that we either pay for the wastage or finish up the plate of sashimi cos he insisted that their Salmon was freshly sliced. it was only when Emily mentioned that Salmon Sashimi are not supposed to have blood on it, then the manager says that we shouldn't take so many at one go & says he will not charge us for the wastage.

Honestly, have u eaten any Salmon sashimi with blood on it before? 

Sigh... ... disappointed!

Saw an interesting mahjong tree in one of the retail shop at The Central before we head to Orchard Cineleisure for movie. Wish I have space at home for this Mahjong Christmas Tree!

Alamak, they choose to watch Breaking Dawn2 & I didn't even watch the previous 3 episodes. I had to Wiki Twilight  so that I can try & figure out what happens before this! To prevent myself from falling asleep, I had to buy some nuts to keep me awake. Good thing I didn't fall asleep! haha

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