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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hello, Curly Hair

My hair has been getting out of hand these days & I've been thinking if I should get a perm. Why? 

This is my "out of hand" hair with the about 2-3inches of natural curl & the rest of the re-bonded hair 

People I met tells me my natural curl is not an issue, but look.. that's quite serious how my natural curl is, and it's ugly cos the rest of the hair below it is straight! 

Plus, it's at the "sticking out" stage now =(

So I decided to walk into Kimage & see if they have recommendation of any perm to compliment my natural curl cos I don't want to re-bond again. I wanna let my natural curl grow before I decide what if I shld leave it alone or perm.

The Leading hairstylist, Linda recommended this Airwave to me after accessing my hair condition

In the process... ...

Played Plants vs Zombie on my iPhone since I'm bored, and to keep me awake

Finally after about 3 hours... ...

Tada~~ this is after blowing dry. Not sure how it'll turn out if it's air-dry.. .. 

Doesn't really looks like I perm cos of my natural perm (see my fringe)

What do you think? 

***Updated with 2 photos of how it looks if I let it "air-dry"

Here's how it look if I "air dry" it

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