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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hotdog Puffs

Was updating the food list for Christmas gathering on Facebook, than I suddenly thought of something that Hazel made quite sometime ago, so decided to try it out

Bought this puff pastry from Cold Storage

Not sure if I need to thaw, I went ahead to thaw for 5 mins. Turn out it's a bit too soft to handle


Cheese *optional

Cut the pastry into strips & rolled onto the hotdoogs

placed 2 strips of cheese on top of it for the boys

Initially I baked them at 180C for 30mins, but the pastry still looks under-cooked, so I turn to the temp to 210C & bake another 20 mins. The cheese are a bit over-bake. Should have place the cheese inside the pastry.

I bake the 2nd tray for 40mins @ 210C. Still slightly over-bake I supposed.. cos the hotdog bloats up & it wrinkled up after it cool down. 

Maybe next time I should wrap the hotdogs with the pastry puffs instead of rolling the pastry on the hotdog

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