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Monday, 26 November 2012

A-Team's usual Mahjong & Makan Session

If you realized, my A-Team's usual Sunday meet-ups are nothing but majong & makan session most of the time!

KFC's Ultimate Value Box. This is my breakfast & lunch, but taken at 5pm. cos I'm out till the past 2 nights (which I'll blog about it soon), I slept till almost 3pm on Sunday noon!!

Keeren enjoying his Popcorn Chicken Snackers meal cos I'll usually buy a set for him when I go over to Kogu's house

Needless to say, mahjong is the main entertainment when we're at Kogu's house. Keeren being KPO, wants to help "wash" the tiles

Here's part of my winning set of game. Luck was quite good with me last night I won $100 from 3.5 rounds! 

Me & Keeren cam-whoring while the rest of them take5 after every round of game. 

Kogu went for the Taman Jurong's Deepavali Show, so he came back quite late. Angela left cos she was tired. 

Kogu tabao-ed Fried Noodle & HorFun cos we doesn't wants rice at 11pm!

He also bought Salted-egg Sotong, Sweet & Sour Fish &Thai Style Chicken

He also sliced some Salmon & touch it to slightly cook it.

And his mum's curry

While they were discussing some serious stuffs over late dinner

I just laze on the sofa .. ... 

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