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Saturday, 17 November 2012

One of My Favorite Appetizer!

It's been long time since I last made this appetizer. Yes! For those who knows me well, I'm sure you know what appetizer I'm referring to! For those who don't me well enough, this is one of my favorite appetizer!

Yes, it's Top Shell~~ 

There are a few brands available in the market, and this is my favorite brand & I'm preparing this for my cousin, Cherilyn's birthday gathering =)

Here's how the Top Shell looks like in case you have not seen them before. 

Main ingredient: 2 cans of Top Shell, sliced into smaller pieces.
For me, I prefer to add some of the brine into it as well. 

10 small shallots, sliced or chopped according to your preference

8 Big Limes, squeezed into juice, remove the seeds
*16 Small limes would be better, but there isn't any available in NTUC when I went at 11pm 

Lastly, a few chili padi. Mix all ingredients together & serve chill. Best if chill overnight 

~~Saw the pile of chili padi in there? My cousin loves super spicy Top Shell, so I throw in a lot of them! Sis tried, says it's spicy. Sis is one weird girl who eats a packet of maggie me with 10 chili padi & won't feel anything. So, when she says it's spicy, it's really spicy! 

Anyone wanna make a guess how many chili padi I added? Scroll down for answer!











Did you made the right guess? 

Yes, your eyes is not playing trick on you. It's 18 chili padis! 

Who wanna take up this challenge? haha

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