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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & The Little Big Park

Deal from - I ❤ Travel: 1-Day Visit to Hello Kitty Land & The Little Big Park – Includes Theme Park Entrance Pass + 2-Way Air-Conditioned Coach + Dinner at Chinese Restaurant + Guide Service + Tipping & Group Insurance (Early Bird Promotion) @ $69.90

Few of us bought this deal sometime back & we finally went on the day trip last Saturday, 03 Nov 12

Breakfast at Newton Food Center with Sam & Wendy before the pick-up

Sadly, our coach is the last to reach & everyone just "cheong" to board.

Coach was actually quite comfy, but it'll be better if the agency allocate seat numbers to passenger cos 2 young ladies who seated at 2-single seats took another family's seat in-front of us after they board from Johor custom & they started quarreling

On the way to venue, we were given our ticket to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park 
- Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & the Little Big Club

Quite disappointed as the illustration on website shows it's an outdoor theme park with ferries wheel, but in actual fact, it's an indoor theme park without ferries wheel =(

Located at level 1 was the ticketing counter, a Red Bow Cafe & souvenir shop

 We were all given an activity card for us to collect stamp on every activity we did

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town was located at level 2, and the crowd for Hello Kitty Town was freaking mad! Carol's daughter, Amelia & their neighbor's daughters zoom pass & disappeared into the mad crowd almost immediately! 

Sam, Wendy, Evelyn & myself decided to head up to level 3 - The Little Big Club

Nothing interesting for Barney's corner. Only Barney's house for photo-taking & a little play corner

Angelina Ballerina

Me being silly, went to put on the ballet skirt & immediately turned into a "fat ballerina" .. lol

Evelyn can't stand the fat ballerina, so she decided to give her a kick! 

Bob the Builder corner is of obstacles & slides

Pingu the penguin's igloo is of arcade games

Caught a little bit of Barney show before we move on

Thomas & Friends were located at level 4

Took Thomas's train ride & I'm pretty sure boys will like this! 

Also took a few of the kiddy rides since we're already there! haha

Fat station controller. The only mascot we saw, & we took a picture with him before we head for lunch

McBunn Cafe - The one & only cafe available at level 4! 
Note: there isn't any cafe available at level 3! 

Check out the queue! I would suggest you bring some snacks with u cos it takes me almost 30 mins when I'm 4th in the queue. I can't imagine how long I have to wait if I'm the last in the queue

Head down to Hello Kitty Town after lunch & crowd was not as bad now.

Took the one & only teacup ride since there's no queue

Queue to get in to Hello Kitty's house is freaking long lah. In fact, queue for every activity is so long & they stop people from queuing at 3.30pm!

the garden

Grand entrance

Dining & living room



Walk-in wardrobe

Dressing table in bedroom

 Every girl's dream bed

Cinnamoroll Cafe - the only cafe available

The Black Wonder  - maze where u find your black symbol & rescue Kitty & Daniel

Erm, don't quite understand the game, so only got "B"

Then there's parade, featuring My Melody, Bad Badtz Maru, Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel

Went to the souvenir shop after watching the parade since all the activity are all closed for the day 

A bite at the cafe while resting our feet. Service was pretty slow too, so go early

Amelia managed to bake a cookie

Finally, we we brought to a hotel for dinner before heading back home

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