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Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Birthday, Angeline & Wendy

It's our Multiply's Birthday celebration again. This month, we're celebrating birthday for Angeline & Wendy @ Antoinette Palais Renaissance

Pretty nice place here.. much better than the one at Mandrain Gallery

The menu & table setting

Most of us ordered Ice Lemon Tea as there isn't much choice available for cold drinks

I ordered this Confit de Poitrine de Porc (Pork Belly) - I quite nice this cos the skin is very crispy & the mustard sauce is not too spicy. Mash potato under the pork makes the dish quite filling also

Vivian had crepe with Ham & Egg, with cute Cedric picking on the salad~ 

Theresa had Seafood Aglio Olio while her vain-pot Alyssa had Strawberry Pancake

Sam's choice - Antoniette Burger

Angeline also had Seafood Aglio Olio

Candice & Kathleen had Carbonara

Wendy's choice - Prawn Crumble

All the nice looking cakes

Retail counter

Dessert time~ Sam & Vivian had this 

Angeline's super sweet crepe with Banana

Wendy's choice

Theresa & Candice shared this

While I had Nougatine

Cedric dirtying his lips on purpose

Group pix before Vivian left

The Birthday Girls

Receipt came in a nice box

Little vain-pot~ Nowadays so difficult to take photo with her. Theresa have to hoax her into taking photo by offering her a sweet.,. haha

Snap with both Birthday girls

And a few snaps here & there before we call it a day

Once again, 

Happy Birthday, Angeline & Wendy =)

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