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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Polaroid/ Instax Film Skin

Went Action City @ Jurong Point to walk around and bought some Polariod/ Instax Film Skin

Animal Circus, 1pk (10pc) @ $3.90

Vivid Color Pattern, 1pkt (20pc) @ $3.90

Pastel Color Pattern, 1pkt (20pc) @ $3.90

Retro Color Pattern, 1pkt (20pc) @ $3.90

How it works?

The normal plain instax film

Remove the film skin & stick it on top of the normal plain instax film

Immediately, the plain film had a different look =)

I reckon with these, it's slightly cheaper than using those designed instax film & also more "designs". Those designed films are too kiddy at times

I also bought a packet of Masking Sticker Set, 25pc @ $4.90

It works as a sticker to stick the instax onto the wall or any surface you want it to be =)

I also bought a new "Apple USB Power Adapter" cos the "Brand-less USB Power Adaptor" which I bought few weeks back caused power trip at home when I charge my iPhone! Spark was seen on the multi-plug under my bed & scared the shit out of me! 

Also, my lappie has problem reading all SD cards ever since she "fell from my bed" 5yrs ago & the card reader I had already spoil 2yrs ago. Been using my camera connector to transfer photos from camera to iPad & then to lappie these past 2 yrs. Quite troublesome lah... ... so I finally bought a proper card reader! 

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