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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Tan Family's Christmas gethering 2014

Post-Christmas event ~ Tan Family's yearly Christmas gathering! As usual, the meeting venue is at aunty Lucy's house.
Again, I was the first to reach cos her place is just like 25 mins journey from where my office is =DWow~ check out the fleet of vehiclesThe entire fleet of vehicle belongs to one boy ~ Jack!Oh Hi, Spikey! Hey, why you so botak?As I need to leave early, aunty Lucy asked me to go get some snacks first while she go take a nap. But hey~ that's what she calls "SNACK?" lolHeehee... starting my day early with Hoegarden =DKids cornerSis & the boys came early too .. cos there's magic show at 5 pmThe reindeersRare selfie with Jack but someone has to photobomb usBoys will be boys ... checking out the fleet of vehicleand all siting around, waiting for magic show to startJust when the magician is setting up, I gotta leave cos I'm meeting the Voodoos for dinner & followed Jay Chou's concert!
So.... hope the kids have lots of fun! See you'll on CNY '15 =)

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