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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Opus2 Jay 2014 World Tour

Wow ~ Jay Chou's Concert! It was supposed to be scheduled on 08 Nov 14 but was postponed to 27 Dec 14 due to the saga over the grass at the newly opened sports hub!

Since the day he started his career, I have never liked him as most of the time, I could not understand half of what he is singing, especially the fast tracks cos it really sound like he is mumbling. I've only listened to a few of the ballads. Thus, I have never bought any of his albums, let alone concert tickets!
Since Mel has 2 complimentary tickets and offered to bring me, ok lah.. I go lorNot bad, our allocated seats is at row 35, but at the side of the stagewooh... tones of people behind us. What? Can't see?Nah... now can see hoe much people behind us?OK, concert starting... lights off!wooh... sea of red! Thanks to the light stick providedThough at row 35, we can't really see Jay clearly cos the stage is still a distance away and those in front are all standing up!Jay's invited guest singer, Darren & Cindy (袁詠琳). Honestly, I don't know who are they and as compare to many concert that I've attended, they actually fare quite bad. Apart form the already bad sound system, I really can't hear their voice, let alone figure out what they're singing. Even at the later stage where Cindy (袁詠琳) duets 屋顶 with Jay, she couldn't really perform well on some part of the song.Half way  tru the concert, both of ue feeling rather bored by the rap songs.. T_TFinally some slow tracks which we both understand what he's singing =DI must say, he look better when he's seated in front of his very chio piano. Otherwise.. ... no comments. His piano is really damn chio, btw! At this point of time, he invited 3 audiences to sing with him. The first lady who sang with him sounded ok only.. this second audience, a little pity cos the mic given to her is completely soundless and no one bothers to give her another mic! This again proofs how bad the sound system in the new sports hub is!The 3rd audience, not bad.. can sing pretty well, but went numb when the lyrics goes offMore slow tracks... ... This angle he looks not bad from far lahBoth 'teachers' sang really well!Encore.. encore.. woohoo~ encore with his new song which I quite like!At the end of concert... ... It was pretty huge & by the time we climbed up to the exit, both of us were rather shocked that we actually went down quite a lot to get to our seatAfter attending the concert, both of us still feels that Jay is better performing slow tracks cos that only can hear him clearly. Still not a fan of his fast tracks =Dand when we left... .... it was pouring & everywhere in the sports hub is leaking! And it reminds us that close to some of the concert goers will probably have to sit under the heavy downpour since 1/4 of the sports hub is not closed! Seriously, what kind of event venue it is. Newly build sports hub, yet everywhere is leaking when it rains. It is leaking so badly that most people are using umbrellas under shelter! 

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