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Monday, 29 December 2014

Multiply's Yearly Christmas Gathering

Yoohoo ~~ it's the Multiply's yearly Christmas gathering! As usual, it is hosted by Hazel at the Raintree's function room and it'll be potluck again
Hazel ordered Kong Bak Bao (Chicken) setand also DIY Popiah setI tried the Bacon wrapped meatball. Cos some doesn't consume beef & Theresa doesn't consume pork, I decide to do it with chicken cheese meatball & chicken bacon. Sadly, it doesn't turn out well cos the chicken bacon doesn't sticks together on it's own. I tried to do some with pork bacon but it was kind of burnt, so I did not bring it with me. I also made some egg crepe with nutella & bananaBecause it's cheese meatball, I made a few bacon cup for Sam who doesn't consume cheeseEe Ling bought cocktail sausages & fishballsJanice bought chicken wings from Old Chang KeeFiona bought roast duck & roast porkWendy baked portabello mushrooms & she made some without cheese for me & SamIvy brought some fruitsTheresa is in-charge of drinks & she spoils us with choices! From canned sodas to bottle drinks to pre-mixed syrup. She is really out to make sure we do not need to buy our own drinks cos such scenario happens on most of gatherings as the person in-charge of drinks is always the last to arrives T_TGeok Ping made both chicken & pork ngoh hiang (cos Theresa don't consume pork) & yam cakeAngeline made soon kueh & logcake!Sam is last to arrive, so she bought dessert - durian puffsWhat else will happens when all the crazy women meets? wefies! First on the list.. selfie queen, EelingFionaTheresa - my evil tweenieJaniceIvy - someone whom we have not met for quite sometimeWendyHazel, the hostGeok PingAngelineDIY-ing popiahCheck out the difference in our popiah size. Haha.. that's the difference between an ex-Subway manager & a teacher =DSam. She finally got me joining her Club 40 =DUs!2 very well-behaved poodles we met outside the function roomThanks to Angeline who helped me TaoBao-ed 淘宝 over, I've got 4 new pairs of bling bling shoes. About $18.50 each, it comes with some extra blings & back leather piece for comfortAfter eating & some gossiping, time for kids gift exchange timeThe happy kidsOf cos, adults also got gift exchange lah... and I happened to get Eeling's giftWhich is a coach landyardSam got GP's Crabtree & Evelyn gift set and she gave me this nail lacquer from the set since she doesn't use them. She don't want it to be siting at home collecting dust Fiona got my Green Tea Revitalize EDT to add on to her Green Tea EDT collection!Angeline also gave us some Christmas hand bands. She gave me 2 extra ones for Daryl & Damien, and she since she wants to get rid of all, I took 2 more for Keeren & HeerenTheresa also bought Moscato!And since Theresa has to stay alcohol free, Angeline bought sparkling juice! And yesh... this time, no one pops our sparkling juice without asking & drinking it all by themselves! So we have all 3 bottle to ourself!Cheers to out many years of Christmas & many more to come!
Thanks Hazel for hosting us again; also, each & everyone of you for all the yummy food!

Hope you girls had a great Christmas & a great 2015 ahead! 

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