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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

海底撈 Haidilao, 313 Somerset ~ 40th Birthday Celebration w/CCSSians

The 40th birthday celebration again. Don't worry, although there's gonna be a few celebrations,  I'm not going to celebrate 40 times! =D
The Sec Sch mates arranged for a supper session at Hai Di Lao on the day I turned 40! EmilyL suggested the one at 313 Somerset as the outlet is bigger than the one at Clark Quay, so the wait will probably be shorter. They waited for about 30 mins as there isn't much demand for bigger table . However, the crowd at 9 pm is still huge!The photographer in the groupThe friends bought me flowers, a birthday specky & a mobile remote control cos I mentioned last month that the I lost the one I hadAs usual, the condiments & fruits station here is a lot cleaner, probably cos there's more stations availableWanted to try something new, so we took the mushroom soup as well as laksa. The laksa broth is not that fragrant & a little watery.Jean who placed ordered only places half portion for more items, then we gotta re-order the same dish again.Maid #1 EmilyLMaid #2 Zhong Min ~ cos food are placed in between 2 of themLet's makan! Haha... we're probably the only table that keeps standing up =DZhong Min is incharge of buying cake, bought the Dark Chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin *dunno why the 1/3 of the cake is being cut-off from the picture

The staff whom brought out the cake was kind enough to put only 1 candle, but the evil friends put another 3 candles! Of cos, it also comes with a complimentary fruit platter

And of cos, birthday celebration at 海底撈 Haidilao comes with a complimentary fruit platter 
The yummy chocolaty cake =)The photographer is checking out all the unglam pictures on his camera.. I shall wait for him to upload all the unglam pictures on facebook!
Btw, service here ain't as attentive as the branch n Clark Quay. Apron, rubberb and for ladies to tie up their hair, ziplock bag for mobile phone & cover for bags are not being provided automatically. We even have to self-serve on drinks. If you ask me, I would prefer the one at Clark Quay. 
Off for a quick walk at Orchard Central to snap some pictures
I wanna be the one on the unicornCome on Elf, let's go for a drink at McDonald's =)
Another awesome evening spent. Thanks everyone for the time, gifts & the treat! 

Hai Di Lao 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road Level 4
Singapore 238895
Tel:  68357227, 68357337
Opening Hours: Daily 10 am – 4 am

Chocolate Origin
313 Orchard Road, #B3-10A 
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6884 4019
Operating Hours
Mon - Sun : 10.30 am - 10 pm

**Added some photos grabbed from Anthony

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