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Monday, 29 December 2014

ATeam's Yearly Christmas Gathering =)

After Multiply's yearly Christmas gathering, I rushed home to put my things down and head to ATeam HQ for ATeam's yearly Christmas gathering! 
Again, I'm the first to reach despite me being late, so fool around with my favorite kid. Only with me he gets to make funny face =DThe Christmas tree has changed to a new position this yearSet up with the help from KeerenThe many faces of us?! =DWah... got wagon! Cool leh.. lolCan transform into chair/ bed some more! Food is served a little late today, so Jenny passed us some tidbits from their Hong Kong tripOh yeah... finally, dinner is served! Tonight's menu - Nasi Lemak. Thus the mini sausages, hotdogs, fishcakesNuggets, Chicken WingsOtahsAlso, பாட்டி (Pāṭṭi)'s signature sambal chicken (I even tabao home for next day's lunch)Sambal ikan billis with quail eggs (alamak, no extra.. cannot tabao)and sambal prawnsSo here's round 1 of dinner... =DThen we had gift exchangehaha..... Silly Nizam uses Keeren's Mickey light stick to shine on the "number lots" for gift exchangeKeeren picked a notebook/ dailyI got a whale humidifierKogu's cousin got a portable speakerAngela's got a power bankNizam and Adidas teePrakash got CKOne (bought by me) while Fizah got CBTL's mugsGroup picture.. a little blury at the back cos of the lightingUs, the partial ATeamCrazy Nizam, again using Keeren's light stick "whacking the other 2 to get them to move the presents fast!" =DFizah's little token for all of usFat Ninja Turtle in the house. Guess who? One look can tell right? hahahahaThen Kogu volunteered to send Fizah & Prakash home & he will also send us (myself, Angela & Nizam) to Han's. Apart from myself & Nizam, it was the virgin ride on Kogu's new car for the rest of themTime check: 12am & 3 of us jokers at Han's waiting for Kogu to go back home to fetch Jenny out for supperBut the main reason for us being there is ... ... it's Jenny's birthday. So our task is to get ready a birthday cake for her & surprise her after her supperTadaaa~~ Happy Birthday, JennyShe's wishing for Kogu's business to be prosperous so that he will buy her whatever stuffs she wants =DUs =)
Once again, thanks Kogu & Jenny for hosting the yearly Christmas gathering & Happy Birthday to Jenny 

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