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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Heart Stuff - Customize your own Passport covers!

I was looking for some customize gifts for Christmas gifts & I came across The Heart Stuff. After going through the website, I decided to customize passport covers for the friends & family since everyone I knows holds a passport =D
*screenshot from theheartstuff
The website has a very detailed instructions on step-by-step ordering. As the orders are done by batches, do take note of the closing date for each batch. 
The parcel came just on time for me to meet my bffs!Woots ~ The amount of passport covers & notebooks which I've orderedFor kor's familySis's family. As sis is using LV passport cover & Daryl's using his favorite cartoon passport cover, I allow them to choose something else & they choose notebookThe ATeam. I didn't get it for the whole team cos I don't quite meet up with the other 3The Evil Sisters + WendyThe bffs + buddy. The bffs had the same charm =)But seriously, I did one for myself for the fun of it cos I feels that my "European Passport" is still working fine for the past 19 years & I think it looks prettier than the one I just customized =DThe colleagues also asked to help them place orderSis also asked me to help her order notebook for her bffs cos all of them are using branded passport covers & would prefer thisI also customized an envelope wallet but had to settle on black cos the rest of the colors are quite boring. I was expecting it to come with only 1 pocket, but it came with 2 pockets. Looks like I'll probably use it for something else instead of holding $ cos I wanted to get a wallet/wristlet with odd number of pockets
The charm on my envelope wallet & 2 of the charms on the notebook is loose, I'll just use some superglue on the loosen charms so that it won't dropped off. I am overall quite satisfied with the items although there's some hiccups along the way. Will probably look thru & get other items in the next couple of months. Would be nice if they add on new items like tote bag!


Anonymous said...

hi, mind to share here? where u get the customized passport cover, name tag & charm from? i wish to do also. hope to hear from u soon. thanks!

Pauline Tan said...

Hi, I got mine done from The Heart Stuff, link as stated in the first few line in the blog.

Ng Shin Tyan said...

Hi Pauline,

Can i order passport cover from Malaysia?
Kindly email me further info at

Thank you.

Carine Phan said...

can i order this passport cover ? sent to singapore .

Kindly email me further info at