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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

海天楼 Hai Tien Lou ~ 40th Birthday Celebration w/Multiply Girls

Woohoo ~~ another birthday celebration! This is the most anticipated celebration cos I'll be having a home-baked birthday cake, and of cos a celebration with my favorite girls =) 

Having had quite a bit of western food for our birthday celebrations, I picked 海天楼 Hai Tien Lou upon recommendation from Sam
I waited at the lobby since I was way too early for the lunch appointmentEe Ling came early and she waited together with meShe also passed me some goodies from her Korea/ Hong Kong tripEntrance of 海天楼 Hai Tien LouWaiting areaOur tableThe selfie queenTake a selfie when you're with the selfie queen =DFiona areoplane me, so she compensate me with a headband T_TMy evil tweenieSurprise bouquet of flowers from Hazel. Thanks, Hazel =)熊宝贝 (Clothes fragrance) & 铁蛋 (Iron egg) from Angeline's Taiwan tripMad Love! After getting all our loots, time to look at the menuWe started with Roasted pork, chicken, char siew & smoke duck platterPrawn dumplingSome purple potato ball with minced chicken fillingCrispy Fish SkinSiew MaiChicken FeetChee Cheong FanSalted Egg PrawnHalf way tru lunch, selfie queen at work again. Don't know who is the star of the day leh.. =DPlain looking Fish porridge. But according to Theresa, it's quite yummy Prawn with mango saladBuddha Jump Over the WallRoast platter again, this time added on chicken with scallion sauceXO Carrot cake, but doesn't quite taste the XO SauceLamien with mapo tofuTofu with Abalone, scallop & broccoliFried rice with prawnSteam fishPoached PrawnSam is lazy to peel the prawn, so I offered to peel for her & everyone!Prawn rollOctopus & jelly fishScallop & ClamsTofu & meat rollWasabi prawnsPork RibsLastly... white bait fish!Oops... a little too ambitiousKweng.. kweng... over order!Despite the amount of food we had, we still managed to squeeze in a bowl of dessert each
No complains on the food taste and quality for most of the food (except for carrot cake), and service is pretty good although there is some down time, probably due to shortage of staff.

Angeline baked some Lychee Hokkaido cupcakes for Alyssa

And my .... ....... homebaked Lychee Martini Cake!

The restaurant also served us a slice of complimentary cake

Alyssa helping to put up the candles

Here, the complete look of my Lychee Martini cake, specially homebaked by Angeline!

Thanks Angeline for the yummy cake

Group picture with my favorite girls =)
*duhz..... I absorbed all the lights!

Evil tweenie helping me cut the cake

Tabao half the cake back cos I wanna have more than 1 slice =D
Few more pictures before we head homeThis concludes the finale of my 40th birthday celebration! Thank you girls for taking your precious time for lunch, the gifts & the love =)

海天楼 Hai Tien Lou
Pan Pacific Singapore 
7 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square
Singapore 039595
Level Three
Opening Hours
Lunch - 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner - 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Tel: 6826 8240

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