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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Frostie - November 2014

Hello November :) 

Gotta be more deligent in posting Frostie's pictures... so here's some snapshots taken this month
8 Nov 14: Sleeping on my lap while I blog & play games on facebook.9 Nov 14: Sis went market & while I lazy infront of lappie, she again jump up & happily laze on her cushion (or rather, my tummy)Happily uses my arm as her pillow11 Nov 14: Seriously, this boy loves disturbing her. Sigh.. luckily so far she has yet to snap on him18 Nov 14: Again, squeezing into the chair im in. The moment she squeeze in, I knew she's asking for neck massageSee.. I told you! The moment I stop, she gives me the "why you stop? Continue please..." look 22 Nov 14: Again using my tummy & thigh as cushionShe finally shifted to the next armchair after using my as cushion for almost an hour! 
I force a "selfie" on her =D
23 Nov 14: Super impromptu snap cos all of them squeezing togetherDamien talking to his bff =D **Opps... sis got squashed in the face by Frostie.. hahahaFew moments later when everyone else walks away.... ...Hmpf.. win already! Stand on my thigh than sleep! 
That's all folks! Look out for December's pictures at the end of December =)

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