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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

ATeam dinner @ Pasir Panjang Food Centre

HoHoHo.... it's the ATeam's Sunday late night dinner again at the Pasir Panjang food centre
And yes, my little handsome friend gets to tag along tonight cos school holiday starts already!While his daddy & uncle Nizam went placing order for food & mummy goes toilet, he came over to me, hug me from behind & smell my hair & tells me my shampoo smells nice. Haha.. this boy here is sure to be a lady killer when he grows up!
As usual, we will only order food from the few regular stores
Huge Sugarcane juice =DSatay from Yusoff Haji Jalal - Sauce is nice & meats are tenderCereal Chicken (Alan Banana Leaves BBQ seafood) - I didn't try this but Keeren whacked half of it on his own, so should be goodHokkien Mee - Not sure from which store thou, cos first time ordering. Taste a bit bland even with chilli addedOyster Omelette - same stall with hokkien mee. Chili a little watery but oyster omelette is good. No fishy smell from oysters tooThe rest of the items are from Hua Kee Seafood ~ Grilled Squid is sweet & not overly grilled, thus not chewy*oops~ blur.. Crayfish in chilli crab sauce. Crayfish is fresh but the sauce is bland & too much peanuts. Still prefers the black pepper sauce Our favorite Salted Egg Yolk Boxing Drumlet. This is a must-order dish if you like dishes in salted egg yolk. Salted egg yolk sauce here has chunky pieces of salted egg yolk!Duhz... table no space already! Quickly clear some dishes before the last 2 dishes is served!Nai bai with salted fish. Taste pretty good, Got the wok-hei & salted fish is not very saltyLastly... ... stingray!Being boliao after stuffing ourselves silly.... unleashing the vampire in me =DThen someone is grumbling already cos he's bored & wants to go home The big & small boys, walking towards the carHaha.. someone is happily showing off his daddy's new carAnd insisted that uncle Nizam sits behind & I sit next to him =)Erm... pretending to sleep but end up knocked out after dropping off NizamWahaha..... too much food from hi-tea & dinner, so... ...如意油 to the rescue!

Pasir Panjang Food Centre
121 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 18543

Yusoff Haji Jalal #21 
Alan Banana Leaves BBQ Seafood #23
Hua Kee Seafood #01-10/11/12

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