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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Han's 24 Hours | Great for late supper

We're back again at Han's Springleaf Garden again for their late dinner (my supper) cos it's 24 hours & the guys wanted to watch soccer! 
Mushroom soup that comes with the set meal. Whilr the soup taste pretty normal, the bread that is being paired with it is very hard. It's more like a biscotti, which we don't fancyJenny is craving for salad, so Kogu ordered a Ham&Cheese salad. Kind of weird having salad with slice cheese thou. But well, good for me cos the cheese is easily removable While 3 of us had Chicken chopNizam had Steak. Pretty much normal. Nothing to rave aboutUs =) This pix is for someone to report to OC =D ; snapped with the dual camera on my Samsung S5Chicken Wings! Not sure about the rest of the Han's, but this is not in the menu for branch at Great Eastern building. Then the guys wanted desserts, so Kogu ordered Banana Split for himself & got us some cakes. This guy suddenly has so much cravings for sweet stuffs after he just went to fix one of his problematic toothChocolate Ball, which Nizam says the texture inside ia like tau sa biah (green bean paste pastry) I only had a few mouthful of the Blackforest cake which I find it overly sweetAin't a fan of cheesecake, so Nizam whack the piece of it

Springleaf Garden
906 Upper Thomsom Road
Singapore 787110
Daily: 24 hours

*This post is composed directly on Google Chrome browser on Samsung S5

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