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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Relaxing Hi-Tea @ Anti:dote, Fairmount Singapore

It was a relaxing Wednesday afternoon cos I took annual leave to meet up with my foodie sisters for HiTea at Anti:dote, Fairmont Singapore
Very stylish & modern designVery pretty table waresHiTea set comes with 1 selection of coffee/tea from the $11 selection, but it's refillable. Here's Angeline's latte cappuccino Sam's Hot ChocolateBoth myself & Wendy had tea. Can't remember what Wendy had, but I had Pink Flamingo (blend of green tea & hibiscus)A wefie while waiting for our food to arrive.
Wendy & myself had The Anti:dote Tea Set while Angeline & Sam had Oriental Tea Set. The only difference between the 2 sets is the first course that's being served. 

Anti:dote set is being served with The Anti:dote black truffle scrambled eggs & Oriental set is being served with Shrimp har gau, chive dumpling, scallop siew mai
The Anti:dote black truffle scrambled eggsVery fragrant truffle slice but creamy egg is slight buttery. Toast served at the side is a little too oilyShrimp har gau, chive dumpling, scallop siew maiHeehee... behind the scene of nice pictures of foodWhile they're still snapping pictures of their food, let me take a selfie first =)Erm... looks like the table is too small? lolWhen we're finally done with the first course, the staff brought out the most anticipated treasure drawer with the rest of the items for the hi-tea setOn the top tier: Petite Desserts
~ Strawberry gateau, raspberry, lychee pearl ~ Apple delight, almond crumble ~ Karukera chocolate mirror tart ~ Earl grey éclair ~ Anti:dote rum baba ~ Yuzu macarons ~ Handmade truffles ~ Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Most items are rather sweet, so be prepared! Good if you have real sweet tooth
In the first drawer: Sandwiches
~Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, caviar ~ Cucumber and dill salad, cream cheese ~ Prosciutto, onion jam, aged cheddar ~ Boston lobster roll, herb mayonnaise ~ Coronation curried chicken
While Cucumber & dill salad are bleh to me, the rest of the items are passable
Second drawer
~ Warm raisin and candied ginger scones ~ Lemon, basil pound cakeLast drawer
~Homemade strawberry jam ~ Devonshire clotted cream ~ Lemon curd

Both scones are good & it specially good with the jam & lemon curd. Not a fan of clotted cream, thus didn't try it but the girls find it good. Pound cake pretty good too. Cookie is individually packed so that you can bring it home
Took a wefie at the photo-taking booth at Raffles City. You can also print out the wefie as there is free photo-printing booth, but... ... it's only for WeChat users, so we just snap picture & leftAngeline went off to meet her friends for dinner while we make our way to One Raffles Place for Doraemon Tree!

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