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Monday, 24 November 2014

Bee Hiang Seafood & Swee Choon Dim Sum - ATeam's Dinner

Halo Sunday! Yes.. I've been laying at home almost the whole day, except for the 1.5 hours that I'm out for lunch with family. So... ... finally leaving the house for dinner with the ATeam
As usual, Kogu is supposed to pick me up at 7 pm but only message me about 7.30 pm, asking me to meet at the pick up point at 7.35 pm. I was smart enough to go reach the meeting point at 7.45 pm but... ... no, I was wrong! He only came came at 7 pm!Dinner venue is Bee Hiang Seafood at Little India. 
Wait.. did I mention Little India? On a Sunday? 
Yes! Cos Nizam has been craving for Chaotar Bee Hoon (Charred/ burnt bee hoon)! As you can see, the been hoon is dried, flat & most of it is chaotar (burnt)! It looks just like ordinary been hoon, but believe it or not, the dish is very delicious & with added burnt smell =D 
Still not convince that it's delicious?
Tada~~ all it takes is only one min & it's gone!Then came the rest of the dishes... ... Yam ring, specially for Nizam also! Soft & sweet yam, crunchy cashew nuts, crispy noodles, paired with stir fried seafood. The only complain we had was the amount of parsley was a little too muchCrispy Chicken is good. Soft & tender with crispy skin & cracker, served with a little of sweet sauceKailan with garlic is very much normal but with good wokheiSalad Youtiao, served with sweet mayonnaise. Couldn't taste much of the squid paste but overall was quite soft; not over fried. Sambal Cockles. First time eating cockles stir fried with sambal. Sambal has strong shrimp paste fragrant & spicy. GoodPrawn Roll is very different from those served anywhere else. Somehow it tasted & looks like it uses liver & it's coated with salted egg yolk. Personally I would prefer the traditional ones.So here's part of our Sunday late dinner! =D
But... ... guess what?
The next moment, we were at Swee Choon Dim Sum for dessertYam paste for Nizam, Prakash & myself while Kogu, Jenny & Fizah has Mango Sago PomeloInitial plan was only dessert but we end up ordering Salted Egg Custard Buns!Tada~~~ supper right after dinnerFor those who loves salted egg custard bun, Swee Choon serves one of the best I would say! The salted egg lava is so so flowy it still fows even after the bun has cooled down! Even my friend gives a thumbs up!Haha... over eat again! So ... ... 如意油 to the rescue!

Bee Hiang Seafood
Verdun House, 6 Verdun Road 

Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant
191 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882
6225 7788

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