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Friday, 14 November 2014

Crystal Jade HK Café IN

Meet up with Sam & Angeline for dinner at Bedok Mall & we settled at Crystal Jade HK Café IN since there isn't any queue. 
Coincidentally, we were seated at the table with my favorite number =) 
We ordered the Sparkling Six, with 6 sparkling beverages - (clockwise) Passionfruit Sprite with Konjac; Strawberry Sprite with konjac; Lemon Sprite; Peppermint Sprite with konjac; Ribena Sprite with konjac & Ginger Beer with konjacThe super cool way of serving the drinks =)Dim sum for dinner - Carrot CakeSiew MaiPrawn DumplingVegetable & Mushroom Spring RollDeep-fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Minced Pork & ShrimpSteam Rice roll with Sesame paste, but somehow it tasted like peanut butterAssorted Custard Bun (Yam, Salted Egg & Corn)Steam BBQ Pork BunSteam Pork Rib with Black Bean SauceLet's dig in =)After dinner, we head over to Fiona's grandma's wake & I was surprised that her grandma stays at the same block that I used to stay when I was in P.School, which means we're same-block neighbors back in 1982-1986! Fiona's dad ordered food from chinese restaurant, which serves muah-cheeFried Kway Teow with the damn old-school taste!Very nice Chicken Wing. So nice we had another portion of it!Dessert *Oops.. blur cos busy eating chicken wing with the other hand =D

Crystal Jade HK Café IN
311 New Upper Changi Road 
Bedok Mall #B1-41
Singapore 467360
Tel: 6844 9677

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