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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Frostie, the Jack Russel Terrier

Have not been posting much pictures of our 4-legged girl for a long time (expect for the most r3cent one on her 11th birthday), so here's  some random pictures of her from June - November 14
Seeking comfort in the laundry basket 

On the sofa, her favorite orange cushionOne of her many favorite hideout; my wardrobe. This is also where her mum, Weezer used to hide #MissingWeezerOn my bed, siting next to my sis while she's  doing her makeup

Morning hug

Siting on my tummy. She mad love squeezing with human! But she'll only squeeze in with me when my sis is not home

Munching on her birthday cake

Just turn 11th last month

Begging to go out

Cannot go out so begging for massage

Again siting on my tummy but.... backside at my face

Another favourite corner is the top of the sofa. A lot of times she will just sit there for the whole day

Sunday morning is always nuahing on my bed while sis is at market

Sleepy dog giving a big yawn

The signature guilty look. Stole a piece of food that my nephew dropped on the floor
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