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Monday, 3 November 2014

Anas & Rozana | An Interesting Muslim Wedding

Anas & Rozana weds!

Some of us were invited by Rozana to her wedding. Honestly, didn't quite expect that she will invite us since we're from different department & we seldom talk. However, since she has already send her invitation, myself & Vivian decided to attend the wedding to share her joy as we're staying quite near.
Theme of the wedding is red & goldWedding cake & cuppiesMet Ismandi who is there with his family cos the groom, Anas is one of our delivery guy Not sure why the bride's face must be covered while the groom "gatecrash""Gate-crashing"Past! Meet the bride & both of the were seated & given blessing by a guyThen they were seatedSuddenly... ..... we hear Lion Dance troupe coming! Yes! You didn't see it wrongly. There was Lion dance! This is the first Muslim wedding that I attended has Lion dance performance!Not 1; not 2 .. but 3 lions (including a baby lion)!The 2 kiddos underneath the lion =DNot sure what's with the lion dance, but I guess it's for some blessings =)The Lion dance performance was from Punggol 21 CC Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe.MP for Bukit Batok is also here to give them her blessings!A picture with the newly weds before we leave.
Thanks Rozana for inviting & here's wishing both of you a blissful marriage

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