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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Doraemon Tree @ One Raffles Place

Hello Doraemon fans ~

By now I'm sure many of you would have known that there is a Doraemon Christmas Tree at One Raffles Place. Since I'm on leave & out for Hi-Tea session with the feasting sisters at Anti:dote, we head over to One Raffles Place to take a look

Wah.. wah.. wah... The talk-about Doraemon Tree!Must wefie!and selfie lah of cos!Eh, can you spot a odd one? hee... hee... my itchy hand went to meddle with one of Doraemon's sants hat. After snapping picture of it, I quickly put it back & the security uncle saw what I did. Luckily he just smileThen we went up to level 3 to get a shot of the tree from top view. So pretty it looks more like a cake!haha... another selfie with the cake look-alike tree. Seriously, damn scared the security uncle will scream at me cos I back-bend my head out of the railing =D
Anyway, there's this guess the Doraemon contest going on at Instagram. Guess the number of Doraemon used to build the tree, post your answer with a picture of the Doraemon tree & hashtag #ORP 

Can you guess how many Doraemon are there? We're guessing there's about 450 of them!

3 pictures with the nearest answer wins $100 voucher from One Raffles Place & Doraemon merchandise
Parted with the Sam & Wendy after taking enough picture of Doraemon Tree & I walked along Boat Quay towards The Central to catch a bus homePretty "Red" tree along Boat Quay

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