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Monday, 10 November 2014

BBQ @ The Chevrons

Yeah.. ex-KAP crew outing! The last we met up was back in March where we "send off" KAP with a bang! After talking about gathering for so long, it's finally happening! 

It's not easy to gather so many people & getting a restaurant to accommodate the whole lot of us, we decided on getting a chalet. As we took a little too long to decide, Jessie was unable to secure of a unit at Safra. Luckily Errene's hubby, Poh Leong managed to secure a unit at The Chevrons
Me, subbosed to go early to help out, so cab there cos apart from bring corn & mashmellows, I'm also bringing Vodka & MartiniReached on time to meet Errene for check-in. Here's the view from out unitOur unit - Changai
Teck Wee dropped off the food that he ordered from BBQHouse & he went back to cook some fried rice for the kids that will be attending, so I'm in-charge of removing the items from the bags & defrosting it
BBQ Original Buffalo Wing is nicely marinated.
BBQ Original Joint Wing. Thou same as the above, this is not as nicely marinatedGarlic (left) & Black Pepper Prawns. Although marinated, but the marination is only on the shell. Some of the prawns are also not fresh. Also, it will be easier to bbq if it is being skewed from tail with the head on top. Satay Chicken & chilled gravyOtah SmallSausages - skewed by me for all the 60pcs!Fried Fish Balls - skewed by me for all the 60pcs!Shitake MushroomCorns which I prepared aheadColorful mashmellowsTada~~ prepared & ready to bbq! but... ... I don't know how to start fire, so gotta wait for someone else to come =DThis scene looks familiar to you? Yes. We call that yellow thingy Orange drum. This used to be very popular during our McDonald's days for all sorts of sponsorship but due to NEA's requirement, this has more or less stopped appearing in publicOk, time to check out the chalet unitLooking up to upper levelQueen size bedToilet & balcony over looking the bbq areaMahjong table is available for all units & mahjong set is available for rental. However, should there be any damage done to the table, the penalty is $300Kitchen usable, also penalty charges applies should there be any damage foundTake a wefie first before anything else happensJessie came with some homebaked cornflakesYeah.. the fire starters are here!So experienced that the fire got started within 5 mins!Fire started super strongWefie =)Oops, why is Jane & Jack holding the wire mesh with food over the thrash bin?Ah-ha~ Cos Jane's hubby came up with an idea to avoid the food from getting burntSo yes.. we then left the bbq-ing to Jane's teenage kids =DWahaha.. wefie again, but lighting too badWhile I help set-up cake for the birthday boy, these 3 big boys meddling went meddling with my monopodBirthday boy in the house Happy Birthday, Alanhaha,... his son aiming at the cake!Funny fellow wish all of us will meet up more often & the gathering turn out will be as great as this gatheringWefie again but difficult to get a proper picture cos Jane's kid spammed my phone gallery but did not say "123" so none of us is really focused on the phone =DAfter coke, fruit punch, vodka, martini, beer & white wine which Albert brought, we're ending the night with red wine which Kelvin brought. Yes, and this causes me super dehydrated the next day
We had lots of fun & it was an overall great turn out for this gathering. 

Thanks Albert for organizing; Errene & Poh Leong for booking & absorbing the cost of chalet; Teck Wee for getting the food; Kai Seng & Jessie for co-ordinating; Cindy for the major contribution of food cost & lastly, all who attended!

The Chevrons
48 Boon Lay Way 
Singapore 609961

BBQ House
Blk 3017 Bedok North St 5 
#03-28 Gourmet East Kitchen 
Singapore 486121
Tel:  6842-1112

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