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Monday, 7 January 2013

TWG Brunch

Sunday brunch with the Voodoos at TWG before going for exhibitions at Art Science Muesum

TWG Tea Garden, Marina Bay Sands

Again, Ivy's the first to reach

All of us ordered the brunch set - Menu

Which includes a pot of Tea & it can be served chilled, so I opt for an Iced Tea
*Do note that they do not refill the tea.

Choice of 2 Muffins or Scones; or 1 of each

Creme & Tea Jelly were also served for the Muffins/ Scones. 
Love the Tea Jelly served this time - Red of Africa. Slightly sour yet refreshing

I choose 2 muffins as I don't quite like scones cos of the raisins.

It also comes with a glass of Orange or Apple Juice

Charlie had Aviator set (Chicken Salad)

While 3 of us had Governor (Salmon) 

*I think the menu is changed as the Governor set shown on the menu is Lamb instead of Salmon. 

A little bun was also being served this time & you may ask for more if you like!

It also comes with a piece of Patisserie which you have to choose from the trolley

Not quite sure what Ivy & Angela choose, but it looks quite nice

I actually choose Creme Brulee but the last piece had been taken by someone else, so I'm being served Singapore Surprise, which is quite similar to Creme Brulee but it has cranberry inside. 

This was my 3rd visit here & I'm pretty sure I'll be back for more good food & friendly service! 

TWG Tea Garden
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, B2-65/68A
Singapore 018972 
Tel: +65 6565 1837

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