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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Carol's Birthday

Another Birthday celebration this month! As usual, Birthday girls picks the place & the other 2 pays. Carol feels like having steak, so Charlene suggested Shashlik. 

Shashlik - Tug in a corner of Far East Shopping Center, at Level 6, Shashlik is set-up in 1986 by 9 Hainanse migrants after being laid off at Russian restaurant Troika, the menu remained the same for the past twenty years.

Interior decor so old-school lah.. lol

Fierce looking guy on the menu.. heehee

3 of us ordered the same soup & main dish as Charlene strongly recommends it!

Soft sweet bun were served as soon as we placed our order

Borsch $7- tomato-based soup came with soft cabbage shreds, chunks of beef, carrot and potato with optional serving of sour cream

Escargot $26- nicely baked with garlic. Personally, I feel it'll be better if there's more butter & garlic

Waiter pushing wooden trolley all over the restaurants when serving orders, like dim sum Dolly.. heehee

Shashlik Beef Fillet $29 - Beef fillet served with Russian Salad. It may looks plain & boring, but it's very tender! 

Dessert - Baked Alaska - Vanilla Ice Cream Cake with cream on the outside, slightly flamed with rum

Just nice, we treated this as Carol's birthday cake! 

Food & ambiance was nice, but please don't expect any exceptionally good service cos most of the staffs here are senior citizen. Thou the service was rather "cold", I would still be back if I'm craving for decent steak if I'm at Orchard.

Shashlik Restaurant
545 Orchard Road
#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre
Tel: 67326401 / 67343090

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