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Monday, 21 January 2013

Another Awesome Hawker Feast

Kogu called & asked to go for dinner, so we went all the way to Spottiswood Park to pick up Nizam before heading to Pasir Panjang Hawker Center. 

Choose Hua kee Seafood cos it belongs to Kogu's friend! 

One glance at the stall from far, Nizam & Kogu blends in cos they happen to wear the same color polo-tee with the staffs! hahaha

Order a few dishes from this store  first on the list:  BBQ Stingray

Salted Egg Crayfish

Grilled Squid


Seafood Fried Rice

Sambal Kangkong (Morning Glory)

They also ordered Satay from another stall

As well as BBQ Chicken Wing from another store. I don't quite like this cos it's too sweet

Nizam, my all-time cockles eating buddy! We used to whack a plate of cockles each at Newton after partying at Devil's Bar! 

After dinner, Kogu sent Jenny back home as she needs to be back by 10.30pm to take-over night duty from her mum. We then proceed to pick up Rafi & head to AL-Ameen for coffee!

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