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Saturday, 5 January 2013


丁当•真爱好难得 - first concert in 2013 with the Voodoos!

The Stage set-up. Concert supposed to start at 8pm but at 7.45pm, the entire place is still empty

We bought the cheapest ticket at $81 (inclusive of surcharge) & we're supposed to be seated right on top, at the far end, but ... ... we were "upgraded" to seats at lower level, meaning more expensive seats lah! 

Can see from behind us, it's still quite empty from our new allocated "upgraded" seats!

us, taking few shots before the concert starts

Initially her voice was quite shaky & the sound system was quite bad, but it gets better after a few songs. Overall a nice concert as her vocal was quite powerful

and I'm surprised that no one stops all the concert goers for moving to front to take photos & videos! Should have used my camera to video since no one is stopping anyone from taking photos & videos!

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