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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Le Potato - Created for Potato Lovers

Meeting the Girls after work for a Hands-on Nonya Kueh Session at Bedok. Since I reached Bedok a little earlier than expected cos I managed to get a hitch from Mervyn (my ex-landlord) who came by to pick up some stuffs from me, I went wondering at Bedok Point. There, I came across this newly set-up eating place - Le Potato & decided to give it a try.

Le Potato - A relatively small eating place at Bedok Point, Lvl 3

Oops... ... rather messy at the counter

Le Potato - Created for potato lovers, with 8 different sauces to dip in!

My opted lunch for today!

Le Bangers & Mash (Sausage w/mash potato) $4.40 - Choice of Black Pepper or Cheesy Sausage + Choice of Ohayo Curry or BP Chick'n. Both sauce comes w/minced chicken meat

I opted for Black Pepper Sausage cos I don't take cheese, but I'm 100% they gave me the wrong order cos I see cheese oozing out from the sausage... but since the taste of the Ohayo Curry is strong enough to cover the cheesy smell, I decided to just leave it as it is.

I also add-on Combo B @ $3.40 for a Drink, Side Salad & Fries

Only Thousand Island or Caesar dressing is available for the salad. Personally I find the dressing a little too much & it makes the salad sort of salty

Also, you need to top up $0.50 if you would like to try any of the 8 dips - Cheesy Cheese; BP Chick n'Sauce; Bonjour Sauce; Cheesy Curry; Red salsa; Pepper Mayo; BBQ Mayo & Ohayo Curry. 

There are few more items on the menu. For the potato lovers, do give it a try if you're just around the corner!

Le Potato
Bedok Point #03-37, 799 
New Upper Changi Road 
Singapore 467351

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