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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Art of Brick

We've been talking about it for weeks (or rather, months!!) & finally we went to 
The Art of Brick Exhibition 

Nathan Sawaya - The Brick Artist!


Silly me at the side! How I wish I can open up my body & dig out all th fats! haha


Open Heart - let there be Love 


An Artist View

Blue & his twin - Spencer

Triangle, Round & Square Torso


Than there's Shadow Play! haha


Pencil Fun

Globe.. unfortunately, can;t find the little red Dot.. heehee



Skulls - I wonder if this is Popart inspired


The Wall

There's also a photo booth where you can snap a picture of yourself & Lego it! 
*These 3 pictures here are not done on the photo booth.. it's done on my iPhone4s, with the application "Lego Photo"

This is 1 piece that blows my mind off & swept my feet off the ground! 

The Dinosaur - 
It's made up of 80,020 pieces of Legos! 

There's also a piece of Art Science Museum!

Cool stiff - Foot Reflexology!

The Exhibition was simply awesome! 

Those who have not seen it, please do so! 
It's happening NOW at the Art Science Museum till 14 April 2013!

We also went for Outside In: A Magnum Photos Showcase. It's supposed to end on 6th Jan 2023, but it's now extended till 17 March 2013. Do note that "No Photography" is allowed in this exhibition

oh wait... ... actually, there's one little corner where photography is allowed! haha

Since we're there, might as well check out Fujians: The Blue Ocean Legacy. Now on till 28 February 2013

For those who may be interested, here's the different tiers of ticket price. Local resident enjoys a few bucks off the ticket! 

Hurry down to the Art Science Museum for the Awesome Exhibition! 

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