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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A day of Baby Siting!

By now, most of you have already known that our helper ran away last week due to loan dispute with the maid agency. 

While Sis usually leaves home for work abt 11am & I reaches home abt 6.15pm. Since Damien comes home from nursery at 11.15am & Daryl is in the afternoon session, there's no one to care for Damien from 11.15am - 6.45pm. Sis's FIL is also not really in the right state of mind & health to take care of a 3yr old boy on his own for that few hours, sis is having slight problem juggling between home & work. She hasn't been going to work since last Tuesday.

Since I'm on MC due to inserting of screw into my gum/ bone for my tooth implant, I end up baby-siting Damien from 11.15am -6.45pm, than pick up Daryl, go for dinner at nearby coffeeshop, than back home! 

Suddenly, I'm grateful for having lots of gadgets at home cos it helps to entertain the fussy boy! 

Not only baby-siting the boys, I gotta make food for the dogs too! It's been 8 yrs since I last made dinner for them!

Another gadget to entertain the big boy after he's done with his homework

Sigh.. still gotta make milk for the fatty boy

Gotta pat him to sleep some more

Sleep also need to share pillow with the dog!

Finally done with Day 1 of baby-siting! I hope day 2 will be slightly similar! 

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