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Monday, 28 January 2013

张惠妹 AMeiZING Encore World Tour Live 2013

AMeiZING Encore World Tour Live 2013

Second concert that we went this month, so we bought the cheapest ticket.

This time, I insisted that we buy the ah-lian blinking head bands. Since they doesn't wants to bring home, I made them wear the one with devil horn so that I can bring it home for the boys after the concert

We were seated almost to the top of the Indoor Stadium (no free upgrade this time.. sad)

Lights off at abt 8.20pm & immediately, it started to get HIGH cos the initial songs are rather familiar to me! 

As the concert goes on, the mood gets higher. It was also nice to know that a number of her band members & backup singers are from Singapore! 

At one point of concert, AMei requested everyone to turn off all the blinking headbands & handheld blinking stuffs. Instead, she requested each & everyone to turn on the flash on the mobile phone! The sight of it is so pretty it looks like stars twinkling in the sky!

As this is Amei's very first stop of her World Tour, she had a segment of 40mins non-stop singing!

the concert gets even higher towards the end, and it finally ended with a super HIGH note at 11.45pm! 

AMeiZING Encore World Tour Live 2013 - HIGH 到爆!

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