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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Fish Eye & Super Wide Angle Lens

 After seeing Sam's Fish Eye Lens, I also ordered a new from! 

I placed order on 03 Jan 13 from this seller & the parcel arrived today!

Both the Super Wide Angle & Fish Eye Lens, with clip for Mobile Phone

The Fish Eye Lens, with clip @ $14.80

The Super Wide Angle Lens with clip @ $11.80 + Registered Mail $3.50

The good thing about these 2 lens is that it can be clipped onto the iPhone's front camera & can also be clipped onto my iPad, with the casing on. No need to remove the iPhone/iPad casing.

My current Ollcollp can only be used on iPhone4S's back camera, and casing must be removed from the phone before using.

Original image captures using iPhone4S

***Please pardon the mess... ... cos... ... yes, that's how messy our place is! 

Image captured with the Fish Eye Lens

Image captured with Wide Angle Lens 
**Oops.. blur image cos faster throw on my on the table old man disturbs the dogs & they almost fight! 

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