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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pineapple Tarts

Time for baking of Pineaple Tarts!

Got the recipe from Angeline last year & it actually tasted quite nice, so I decided to bake again this year since I've got a proper oven now!

450g Flour
250g Butter
1tsp Vanilla Essence
75g Icing Sugar
2 Egg - *1 for glazing
Pineapple Paste
Salted Egg Yolk - Optional

1. Mix flour & icing sugar together
2. Add butter, mix till resemble bread crumb
3. Add egg, vanilla essence, knead to a dough tt will not stick to hand
4. Roll out & cut into circle
5. Wrap w/pineapple filling & glaze w/egg yolk
6. Bake at 150* for 20 mins
Note: This depends on your oven temperature setting. The original recipe is to bake at 120*

Flour, Butter, Icing Sugar, Vanilla Essence, Egg

Pineapple Paste

Salted Egg Yolk - I added this cos I so miss Pineapple Tarts from Taiwan. They have salted egg yolks in it!

Method as shown above

My ugly-patterned tarts ready for baking

Some are added with salted egg yolks!

The uglier-looking ones are with salted egg yolk

Into the oven they go! 

Ding~~ Ready to eat! 
*a bit ugly looking, but for own consumption, can lah.. lol

**Updated on 28 Jan 13

I've been thinking & thinking... ... why my pineapple tarts takes so long to bake. Even when I'm baking at Carol's house yesterday, it also takes very long to bake. So I scroll back Angeline's initial message to me at ... ...

tada~~~~ it's to bake at 180* lah! not 120*! No wonder how come mine bake at 150* still need to bake so long! 

*bash head* - ok, shall attempt to bake again soon! 

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