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Friday, 18 July 2014

The Cat Cafe

Met up with Jaslyn last week cos she wants to go take a look at the retail counter of 3CE at Bugis Street. 

After the quick shop, we had an impromptu decision to go check out The Cat Cafe which is within walking distance

Entrance to The Cat Cafe is pretty easy to find. Just go up to level 3 from left staircase (standing at bus stop, looking into Bugis Street) from Burger King

Charges for The Cat Cafe is $15/entry, inclusive of soft drinks. Options of topping up a little cash for upgrade to gourmet drinks are available. 

Apart from drinks, snacks & cakes are also available

Upon entering, indoor slippers are provided. 

Of cos, house rules applies!

Standard tables & chairs for all diners

Coffee tables & floor sofa for diners who prefers to be closer to the kitties

You can also buy some cat treats at $3 to feed the kitties

Play area for the kitties. So, time for the kitties!

I don't quite remember if I did manage to capture all the kitties, but here are some =) Sorry, I didn't quite get the names too, but if you're keen to know the names, Meet Them here!

This kitty doesn't quite bother about us even when we goes quite near him to snap picture

Jaslyn's bag seems to attract the kitties. One of them went to ransack her bag & found a piece of bread, grabbed it & ran off! The staff had a hard time convincing her to let go of the piece of bread. ~~ There goes Jaslyn's breakfast =D

The kitties seems sleepy, so we left after hanging around for about an hour. Although both of us are not cat lovers, I reckon we would be returning soon cos of the cozy environment & friendly staffs. Not forgetting, the cute kitties! 

The Cat Cafe
241B Victoria Street 
Singapore 188030
Tel: 63386815
Operating Hours:
Monday: 3pm to 10pm
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 10pm

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