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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

ATeam's Mahjong, Makan & Durian session

It's been awhile since Kogu cook, so we meet up for lunch, follow by mahjong & then dinner by Kogu!

Hungry cos I didn't have breakfast, I bought 2 sticks from OCK while waiting for Kogu to pick me up from MRT station

Went to this coffee shop at Marsiling & was so happy got Indian Rojak, but... ... when I wanted to order, the ah neh says not ready. ("_")

Kogu ordered dumplings for sharing but turn up only Prakash, Kogu & myself eating cos Fizah & Jenny don't take pork

All of us ordered Thai food cos it seems like 75% of the people at coffee shop are having it. Mango Salad for sharing, is quite good. Mango is very crunchy. Sour & not spicy 

Kogu had some chicken dish with rice which he is quite pleased with it

Seafood Tom Yum Soup is full of ingredients! Soup is spicy & yet it's not too spicy to musk the sourness.

haha... so unusual that the ATeam goes for lunch on a bright sunny afternoon!

Back at Kogu's place, lying around on the sofa watching Peppa Pig with Keeren while waiting for Nizam to arrive

Oops! Why is Heeran crying? 

Cos I wanna use the massage chair & Jenny helps me to plug in the wires

Gotta stop the 2nd set of massage cos Nizam is here. So... lt the game begin! 

haha... halfway tru, hungry.. so take a break with some traditional cakes. Sadly, the panda one not nice. No taste at all & the cake is a little dry & tough

The Keeren showed me his very cute bird cage - a Lollibox project

Chef Kogu hard at work! It's been long time since he last cook.

Prawn Omelette, request by me =D


Steam Prawns with Garlic

Teriyaki Chicken

Stir-fried Garlic Prawns

Teriyaki Garlic Salmon, specially for Fizah but she says she don't take cooked salmon

Teriyaki Salmon

Kogu's mum's signature dish - Sambal Chicken

Jenny is craving for Chilli Crab, so Nizam & Prakash went to tabao some

Yeah~ Let's eat! Dinner @ 8.30pm

Alamak... got prawn shell.. fail... lol

Round 2! 

Finished the game close to 2am with these much of winnings =D

Then we went all the way to geylang for durian! 

Not bad.. this place still provides water for customers

Too tired & a little zombiefied at 2.30am, we didn't really wanna waste time in choosing, we buy those that are 3 for $10 & 7 for $20. Asked why is it 7 for $20, the guy says cos Kogu is more handsome than him, so 1 free =D

Surprisingly, fruit is quite creamy; sweet & bitter at the same time. Not the best Durian, but it's pretty good considering it's 3 for $10

Home at 3.30am & gotta wake up at 6.30am for work.. Duhz... totally zombified =D

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