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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

CCSS Gathering

David has been talking about having a gathering at his house and finally after talking about it for years, he finally initiated a mini-gathering for the ex-CCSS Sec Sch mates.

Kogu, Jenny & the boys were invited also cos Kogu is David's supplier for Salmon

His house at Sennett Road, few houses away from our ex-Secondary School

The boys having fun with the swing 

Fengshui Pond. Keeren says David fried the fishes when I asked why isn't there any fish in the pond =D

Then I saw this mini-armchair & I commented that I can fit in that chair but ... ... Jean doubt me! 

So I proof her wrong. Yes lah, my tummy is big but not my butt ok?! Don't doubt me when I say I can fit in that mini-armchair =D

Jean, the woman that doubt me

Michael & Anthony - these 2 men are going to shave their hair for good after tonight! They are heading to "Hair For Hope 2014 at Vivo on 27 Jul 14" for charity. Well done, guys!

Some of the guys from another class were having some serious talk over at the dining room, so we fool around at living room

Then a group pix with the help of my monopod before everyone leaves. 

Of cos, shot number.2 

Thanks David for organizing the gathering & hosting us. We had great time catching up! Next round - BBQ! =D

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