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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Griddy Gourmet Waffles, Chicken Hotpot & 4Fingers

Updates on some random eats at Westgate

Met up with Jaslyn at LJS for dinner & then we decide to hop on to Griddy Gourmet Waffles for dessert cos am craving for waffles

She had S'mores which I personally thinks it's good cos of of the combination of mash-mellow & chocolates. Well, how wrong can it be with these 2 right? 

I wanted Durian Galore but it wasn't available (no reason given why when I asked), so I settle for Rocher Banana. Not quite like it as there are some nuts, but the waffle is crispy on outside yet soft & fluffy on the inside


2 days later, we went back Griddy Gourmet Waffles again cos Jaslyn wanted to try the Griddy Sandwich

We both ordered a Waffle Sandwich & top up to a meal with Drumlets & Sjora. 

Jaslyn also ordered Onion Rings & it's a little too soft. Not very crispy

I couldn't resit the temptation, so I end up ordering a plain waffle =D

Sausage Medley Waffle-wich served with German-styled Chicken Snail Sausage, Gamon Ham, Lettuce, Sauteed Onion, Japanese Mayonnaise is pretty good. Waffle although a little soft, is not soggy even after soaking it with dressings serve in it. 

Aloha Hawaiian Waffle-wich served with Grilled Chicken Thigh, Grilled Pineapple, Lettuce, Tomato, Mango Salsa & Jaslyn is very pleased with her selection. 

This pretty much settle my cravings for waffle at the moment


Few days later, I met up with Angela & Ivy for an impromptu dinner, and the girls decided to try this Chicken Hotpot 鸡公煲


Fridge for additional ingredients which you can pick up for hotpot

Appetizer is being served the moment you're seated.

We picked up some vegetables to be used as ingredients for hotpot later

Took up the set meal for 2 pax which consists of 2 small pots - Scandalously Spicy Shrimp & Chicken Hotpot. The shrimp pot is filled with lots of french fries. As Angela couldn't really spicy food, we ordered it with just mild spicy

Chicken Hotpot is filled with quite a bit of chicken meats & lots of celery which I don't quite fancy.

Ivy also requested a portion of cuttlefish balls

Happy Friday =)


What's that queue about huh? Oh... it's 4Fingers! 

Yes. The queue has been minimally this long every evening since the day 4Fingers opened at Westgate (this picture is taken on a normal working Monday at 6.30pm!), so that really makes me wonder if the food is really so good that people is willing to queue probably for at least an hour just to get their hands on the chicken.

One fine weekday, I had the chance of joining the queue cos when I passby the fast-food joint, there is only 9 person in the queue. So I thought "OK, let's give it a try" .. and so I joined the queue. 

Being 10th in the queue, it took me 17 mins to reach the counter. Which means counter staff uses an average of 1min42sec to serve 1 customer. I think it's pretty slow given the fact that all the counter staff needs to do is just by taking orders. Also, there is only 1 counter staff taking order during dinner peak period despite having 2 registers installed.

I only ordered a box of 1 Drumstick + 3 Wings with Kimchi Fries & a box of Battered Shrimp & Crispy Calamari. Anyone wanna make a guess how long I waited for me food to be ready?

I waited for ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

30 mins! 

Yes! A freaking 30 mins!


I freaking do not understand how on earth is the wait so long when I see piles of Chicken already on the rack in the kitchen & there's at least 6 staffs in the kitchen! 

Either they overlook & missed preparing my order, or the shrimp & calamari takes 20-25mins to prepare!

Okay, home. Let's see how's the food

Kimchi Fries. Is it supposed to be spicy? I don't find it spicy at all, and even my nephew who doesn't take spicy food can finish up the whole packet of fries.

I had the mixture of Hot & Soy Garlic. Chicken with soy garlic is kind of bland & Hot Chicken is not spicy. The only thing good I find about the chicken is the crispy skin & tenderness of the chicken.

Battered Shimp & Crispy Calamari in Soy Garlic. OMG ~~~ this is terrible! This is terribly salty it tasted like it's being deep fried & soaked in a huge tub of salt! 

Duhz ..... I doubt I'll be back again unless there is really no one in the queue cos it's definitely not worth the wait of 47 mins! 

Griddy Gourmet Waffle
3 Gateway Drive,
#B2-K12 Westgate,
Singapore 608532
Tel : 6465 9465 Fax : 6465 9945
Sunday – Thursday : 11 am – 10 pm
Friday & Saturday : 11am – 10:30 pm

Chicken Hotpot  鸡公煲
3 Gateway Drive 
#04-08 Westgate
Singapore 608532 
Mon to Sun: 12 pm - 10 pm

3 Gateway Drive, #02-05 
Singapore 608532
Mon to Sun: 10 am - 10.30 pm

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