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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mana Mana Beach Club

After Prakash & Fizah's Housewarming, I went with Kogu & family to Mana Mana Beach Club cos they wanted to check out the venue for Heeran's Birthday celebration

On the way towards the function room, we saw this huge Jack Daniel's =D

We were shown to the function room which does looks cozy from the outside, but the table & chairs are pretty dusty

Keeren fooling around with the cushions.

Since they're planning to held the birthday celebration at the function room, we decide to try the food here

The restaurant area is freaking hot we had to change 4 different tables just to get near to the fan that is left running. The other fans were on "auto-mode" where the fan will be auto-off after 15 mins of running & will only be auto-on after 15 mins of 'resting'.

Heeren excited over the Salmon Pizza

Pizza for Kogu. No complains from him, so I reckon it should be alright

Keeren's Nuggets & Fries. 

Well, no complains from him cos what else can go wrong with Nuggets & Fries?

Both Jenny & myself had Fish & Chips

The fish is dry, hard & gheezz... I know fish being fish, is bound to have bone, but seriously, it's the first time I encounter fish & chips with such a long & thick fish bone!

Service is almost non-existence. Thus, they probably will not be holding the birthday celebration for Heeran here.

Mana Mana Beach Restaurant & Bar
1212 East Coast Parkway
Area E Car Park E2 Singapore 449886
Tel: 63398878

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