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Friday, 4 July 2014

Prakash & Fizah's Housewarming

After Fiona's birthday lunch at Forest森, I rush down to Punggol for Prakash & Fizah's housewarming

We-fie! Again, the power of monopod! 

Nizam is away for holiday at USA with the girlfriend while Rafi is away for work till Aug. Thus, not a complete picture of ATeam, but almost there!

Btw, the wall painting at the back is hand-painted by Fizah's cousin

haha... typical Indian's house - full of liquors!

What's this? Mahjong table found in an Indian's house?! There's also a mini-fridge?

Yes! Cos Prakash, my Indian friend here is one of my mahjong kaki & mahjong is one of our favorite past time, and for convenient sake, he also placed a mini fridge in the room. 

Opening ceremony! 

Thus, we now have a new ATeam HQ. Pungol Edgefield Plains is officially known as ATeam HQ2 as of Jul'14

We left after a short while cos Kogu & Jenny wants to go check out the venue for Heeran's birthday celebration

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