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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bare Your Sole 2014

Last weekend, myself & Wendy join thousands of people at Gardens By The Bay for Bare Your Sole 2014 by Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Every day, people in developing countries and disaster-stricken places make their way through undesirable environments – barefoot. Bare Your Sole 2014 lets us all support children and adults in abject circumstances, raising much-needed funds for projects that improve their living conditions by building homes and fighting poverty

One week before the event, I went to collect the walk pack at Orchard Central

I didn't have time to enjoy the free pedicure provided by Paint Shoppe when I went to collect the walk-pack, so I decided to DIY my nails to match the event

On the actual day, I'm supposed to meet Wendy at 7.45am, but I was so early that even the train was empty & I had the whole cabin to myself =D

Wanted to buy Milo, but what? 7-Eleven is not open?! hmmm... .... 

Met up with Wendy & we headed to Kallang Leisure Park to catch the complimentary shuttle service to the event venue

Woohoo! Got Milo van! OMG, it's been like 20 years since last experience this! 

Flowers from Seed-gifts. With a small donation of $2, you get a stalk of very pretty flower. Proceed goes into Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Very pretty hor?

I also bought 1 for Wendy =)

Kid's corner

Merchandise corner

Some warm up exercise by trainers from Fitness First

Very pretty scenery & pretty weather

Plus our pretty feet

Let the bare foot walk begin!

This little girl damn cute; doing selfie somemore! =D

Very soon, we've reached the first water point, which is also the turning point for those doing the 2.5km walk

We signed up for the 5km walk & so we continue on =)

Yikes! Almost stepped onto this creature

5km turning point as well as second water point is at Marina Barrage, so we stopped for a while to enjoy the scenery since we're still early

At Marina Barrage

Saw a cute 7 month old doggie with her owner & I sat down to play with her. She is so friendly she started licking my chin non-stop. Probably cos I have some "dog smell" on me =)

Stay on to enjoy some cooling moments before walking back to event venue

Last water point before reaching the Finishing line

Ouch~ this pavement is so rough it's very painful for the feet

Yeah ~~ Finishing line is just right ahead!

Yippee ~~ we finished 5km walk with our bare foot!

The girls at finishing line has this very cute painting on her arm =D

The I bought ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Yes, I ate 2 cos it's buy 1 get 1 free & Wendy has her's free from the voucher she has gotten during collection on walk-pack 

Last but not least, an instant print @ $2 each from Seven Ink. Proceed goes into Habitat for Humanity Singapore

I quite like this, so I probably will be joining it again next year if it happens again. 

Thanks Wendy for suggesting this event!

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