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Monday, 28 July 2014

Han's - ATeam's Dinner

Late night dinner with the ATeam lands us at Han's 

The restaurant was huge & empty on Sunday night =D

NZ Prime Sirlion Steak in black pepper sauce with fries for myself. Pretty good

Chicken Chop with fries for Jenny

Fish & Chips for Nizam

All above sets comes with Soup & Bread, but erm... not sure if the branch here serves biscuit or the bread is over toast cos it's quite hard

Beef Super Burger with Egg for Kogu

We also ordered Salted Fish fried rice with egg & Chicken + Mushroom Omelette for sharing

Food for 4 pax! Looks alot huh? But we polish it off within 30 mins =D

A must-do before we eat: we-fie! 

Then we went Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant for ... ... 


haha.. no lah, Nizam & Jenny had prata while I only had Milo Dinosaur 

1 Pickering Street, #01-03 
Great Eastern Building
Singapore 048659
Tel: 6438 3959
Daily: 7 am - 10 pm

Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant
2 Lim Teck Kim Rd, 
Singapore 088933
Tel: 6324 2559


Theresa Lee said...

Their bread always hard :(

Pauline Tan said...

haha.. oh, so it's not biscuits huh... lol