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Saturday, 26 July 2014

BBQ by the Beach @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Wendy was lucky to have won a pair of tickets to BBQ by the Beach, Sentosa Palawan Beach in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival via a giveaway from Alvinology and she kindly invited me to join her.

A selfie while waiting for her Wendy

We reached about 6.30 pm while the sky is blue

Tents were set up at the beach & whole lamb was seen on the grill.

Wow! Impressive! What's that?

Oh... This is a traditional Hawaiian underground barbeque pit known as the ‘Imu’ is used to BBQ Stingray, Whole Squid and Grilled vegetables

Nice seating on the beach

We were lucky to be assigned to the nicely & skillfully sculpted sand seating. I was wondering if the sand chairs can withstand my weight, then I realized there's board underneath lah.. =D

A welcome drink is being served. The drink was boiled from the Oyster Plant, which somehow tasted like Barley. The drink is also being served in a glass with led light. Pretty cool

The sand seats are too cool not to take selfies tight? =D

Ok, let's dig in! 

Halfway tru the dinner... beautiful skyline when the sun sets

There's also some exciting fire performance in between the dinner. Watch part of the performance here

Few more pictures before we leave

The event organizers also provide shuttle service for diners back to the Beach Station from the event venue. 

Once again, Thanks Alvinology for the great give-away & Wendy for inviting me =)

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