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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Waffle Slayer & Genki Sushi

After our hearty lunch at TCC, we hop over Waffle Slayer for desserts

Goh parked his car quite a distance away & so we took awhile to reach the venue. But erm... does this looks like it's operating? 

Yes, it is operating! In fact, it's so crowded on a weekday at about 4pm!

It was so crowded we were lead to a table right at the end of the cafe & it was so uncomfortable & weird we have to either hook/ rest our legs on the bar that's sticking out of nowhere of the table

Goh had the most boring-looking drink: Ice Chocolate, which comes with a scoop of ice cream

Alyssa was fascinated with the latte art that was served

Theresa & Sam had coffee while Alyssa & myself had hot chocolate. The hot chocolate served here was very thick & chocolaty despite the slight bitterness. So much better than the one I had previously at DOC.

And she was equally surprised when there's latte art on her Hot Chocolate as well

Jenga or Spam Fries? Erm.. ok, it's Spam Fries came stacked like Jenga. What else can I say about Spam Fries? 

Truffle Fries with mayo & truffle oil served at the side. We also requested it to be served without Parmesan Cheese. Seriously, I don't quite understand why some cafes serves Truffle Fries with Cheese. 

Red Velvet Buttermilk Waffle with vanilla ice cream, pistachio tuile & chocolate sauce. I find the waffle a bit bland & a little too soggy

Squid Ink Waffle w/ Smoked Salmon, served with poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. Waffle is good - soft & fluffy. Thou a little bland on it's own, it tasted rather good when eat with the egg & salmon

Matcha Buttermilk Waffle with vanilla ice cream, fruits & azuki beans. This proofs to be the best among the 3 waffles we ordered. Apart from being soft & fluffy, it's packed with match flavor

Food for 4 adults & 1 kid!

1 hour later, I stupidly add the marshmallow into the hot chocolate =D 

1.5 hours later, the latte art is still visible even when the drink is only left with 1/4 of it! 

Few more pictures of the cafe ... ...

After desserts at Waffle Slayer, we went window shopping at OG Chinatown, and before all of us gets hungry, Alyssa started saying she's hungry! 

Next stop - Genki Sushi as requested by Alyssa

All orders are to be placed via iPad provided

Orders are sent to your table within minutes by the express car/train

Little girl can really eat! 

She happily clears the tray after her meal

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road 
Singapore 169356 
Tel: 6222 4869
Daily 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Genki Sushi
133 New Bridge Road, 
Chinatown Point #02-33
Daily 11.30 am – 10.00 pm

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