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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Symmetry Cafe - Dinner w/Wendy & Sam

Wendy initiate a dinner date to reward herself of her hard work during the school term & before she goes for her well deserved holiday. Sam then suggested Symmetry as she finds the food pretty good after her recent lunch date. So... ... we're here for dinner!

Jack Skellington & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas were seated at the door, welcoming all guests

Symmetry - A Taste of the Good Life

Just in case you can't find the entrance, here it is!

Let's take a quick look inside the cafe

Welcome appetizer - Amuse Bouche (grapes on crushed ice) was served upon seated

Same ordered the Hot Chocolate & requested for latte art & the mash-mellows to be placed at the side. The barrister on duty obliged it with a bunny. How cute!

I had Symmetric (Vodka, Strawberry, Passionfruit) which is quite nice. Doesn't taste too alcholic

Prawn Popcorn with wasabi dressing is very addictive

Asparagus & Bacon Sticks w/poached egg & hickory sauce is very nice, but a little salty thou.

Both Wendy & myself had the Symmetry Hamburger w/Tender Beef cheek, chorizo (erm.. didn't taste this thou), creamy foie gras, caramelize onion & beetroot. Yummy! 

Sam had Baby Barramundi and commented that the fish on it;s own is quite bland

The food was good & we are already planning to be back here for brunch cos Sam is craving for their waffles

While on the way out, we saw a very cute kitty & suspected that she belongs to the cafe. True enough, she belongs to the cafe & even has her very own Instagram accout - symmetrykitty!

Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 
Singapore 199206
Tel: 62919901
Operating Hours:
Mon 1030 – 2100
Tue–Thu 1030 – 2300
Fri 1030 – 0000
Sat 0900 – 0000
Sun 0900 – 1900

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