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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Keeren Is 5

woohoo ~~ my little handsome friend, Keeren is 5 & we're invited to his Spongebob Square Pants - themed birthday celebration =) I was there early & so helped his mummy to receive his birthday balloons.

Both birthday boy & his little brother were quite fascinated with the number of balloons at home & started fooling around

Keeren wrote the birthday message on his own & treats were placed on the table to welcome all guests

Myself & his uncle helped to put up the poster for the celebration =)

Then we started fooling around with the novelty glasses which his mummy bought 

And here comes the cake! Home-baked Spongebob Square Pants designed cake

Food was partially home-cooked by his grandma, as well as ordered from Irvin's & self-collected by his papa 

My little friend, Keeren finally waited for the moment to arrive! Can you see how happy & excited he is? ok...    pictures spamming time! 


Family pix =)

Another family pix, this time including his grandparents, aunties & uncles

More family pix with uncles, aunties & cousin

OK, I self-declare I'm one of his favorite adult friend =)

And we're his favorite adult friendssssss

This guy here is his papa's customer & he happens to be my Secondary School mate too! He is also the owner of Kazu Japanese Restaurant & Kami Simply Shabu at Batam, Indonesia

His papa's friend again

Piñata time!

wahaha..... whack the sweets! 

Few more pictures spamming time before mahjong starts!

Mahjong! Since I'm not working on the next day, we played till close to 3am with my winnings of $50+ =D

Thanks Keeren for inviting us, as well as Kogu & Jenny for being the great host =)

Once again... ... Happy 5th Birthday, Keeren 

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